The Best Restaurants and Cafes in Tulum

Not only is Tulum a beautiful beach vacation destination and an important town for Mayan history, but it is also foodie heaven. Tulum’s restaurant scene is diverse and keeps growing so there is really is something for everyone. It also has a big vegetarian and vegan food scene. Keep on reading for the best restaurants in Tulum.

Did you know? UNESCO declared Mexican Cuisine Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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My boyfriend and I stayed almost a month in Tulum and ate out a lot so I want to share with you my favorite Vegan, Mexican and Italian restaurants. I put together a list of the best restaurants in Tulum.

I also love to go to cafes for breakfast or a mid-day coffee. I´m also always looking for cafes with the best Wifi to work from so keep on reading to find out where the best cafes in Tulum are.

WARNING: This post may make you hungry!

The best cafes, breakfast & brunch spots

  • Botanica Café: This café is a real gem! It doesn´t look big from the outside but they have a big courtyard. The food is absolutely delicious. Their avocado toast and the rosemary potatoes are great and they offer good coffee for a reasonable price. They are cheaper than other cafés and they still have the typical Tulum-vibe. That´s why they´re a must-go and one of the best cafes in Tulum.
Botanica cafe Tulum
  • Del Cielo: Del Cielo is a cute little café. They have great avocado tartine, Iced coffee and lots of seating inside and outside. This spot is perfect for breakfast, lunch or just for a mid-day coffee break.
Del Cielo Tulum
Del Cielo Tulum
  • Juice Lover: Juice Lover is a great breakfast spot. They have cute tables and a swing and as the name says really good, healthy juices. My boyfriend really liked their bowls and I enjoyed their avocado toast (maybe I should call this where to find the best avocado toast). The only downside is they put a 10% service charge on top of your bill so look closely when paying. Nevertheless they´re still a good spot to eat a great meal.
Juice Lover Tulum
  • Co Con Amor: This vegetarian café/ restaurant has a super nice backyard. They offer everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner, smoothies, cold pressed juices and great coffee. Definitely try their juices and coffee or vegetarian and vegan breakfast options. They had live music playing while we were there which was amazing. They have tons of outlets and good Wifi so they´re also a great place to work from.
Co Con Amor
  • Cara Feliz: This is one of my favorite cafes in Tulum! They have tons of bookshelves and you can buy books or read while sipping on your coffee. They have a cute courtyard and have a variety of breakfast and lunch options. Their cheesecake and Iced latte is to die for and they also offer really good Wifi which makes them a perfect spot to work from.
Cara Feliz Tulum
Cara Feliz Tulum
  • Babel Café: This is also one of my favorite cafés in Tulum. They don´t really look like anything special but don´t let the look fool you. They have amazing coffee and food like sandwiches or banana bread and they have fast Wifi which makes them a perfect spot to work from or to just hangout and people watch.
Babel Cafe Tulum
Babel Cafe Tulum
  • Sin Etiqueta: This is a small café a little bit further out of the center but worth the walk. They don´t have a lot of seating options but a cute courtyard with nice wooden interior. They offer amazing coffee, fruit bowls and avocado toast. Also the portions are really generous.
Sin Etiqueta Tulum

The best restaurants in Tulum


Of course, when in Mexico you have to eat Mexican food because it is one of the best foods in the world in my opinion (and also others). So for a nicer dinner, check out Mexican restaurants. If you want to eat real Mexican food you have to eat at street food vendors. (which are delicious and affordable, scroll down to read where to find the best street food in Tulum)

  • Burrito Amor: This is a really popular spot in Tulum and for a good reason. They offer as the name suggests burritos, burrito bowls and healthy juices and smoothies. Their burritos are absolutely delicious and because they´re so popular they openend another restaurant in Valladolid, which is also great. I usually always get their vegan burrito and their green juice.

Life without mexican food is like no life at all.

  • Antojitos la Chiapaneca: This was a hidden gem and now it´s not so hidden anymore. A lot of Bloggers and foodies have already found this small restaurant. They offer typical Mexican food like tacos, quesadillas and dishes Yucatan is famous for, like Cochinita Pibil. They´re super affordable with Guacamole for 70 pesos and tacos for 15 pesos each (as of January 2022). If you like Mexican food, you will not be disappointed when going here. It is one of the best restaurants in Tulum.
Antojitos la Chiapaneca Tulum
  • La Coqueta: La Coqueta is on the main road that leads to Tulum beach and our Hotel was close to this restaurant when we first came to Tulum. Thats how we found this gem of a restaurant! They offer classic Mexican food like Tacos, Guacamole and sea food. We had Guacamole and fried burritos and their food is absolutely delicious. Their drinks are also amazing and it is affordable to eat here. It´s one of the best restaurants in Tulum.
La Coqueta Tulum


  • Roraima: This is a small burger restaurant and truly a hidden gem. They offer burger with meat and also a vegetarian and vegan option. We had their vegan burger with all kinds of vegetables on them and they were so flavorful and yummy. I also loved their garlic mayo and fries. If you love burger, go and check them out.
  • The Good Burger: We ordered Burger here for take-out the first time we were in Tulum and they were really good. This restaurant also offers gluten free buns. Their truffle french fries were crispy and really yummy even after we arrived to the Hotel to eat so I can definitely recommend them.


Because sometimes, especially when you´re in one country for a long time you just crave something else than just the traditional food.

  • Cala: It took me forever to find out the name of this restaurant because they don´t have a big sign out front with their name on it and you can´t find them in maps. Their right on the mainstreet in Tulum centro next to Il Bocconcino and they have a lot of seating space. They have a very romantic ambiance because of the dimmed lights and beautiful interior. We ordered pizza here multiple times and were really happy. It´s an italian style pizza not american and although they don´t have the italian ingredients they´re really delicious.
  • Il Bacaro: We also got pizza here and loved it! We went here twice and only tried a different restaurant because it was a litte bit of a walk from our hostel. They are an italian restaurant and offer not only pizza but also salads and pasta. Their food is really flavorful and delicious. Il Bacaro and Cala are definitely my top recommendations when in the mood for Italian-style pizza.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Tulum has a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafes, here are the best options:

  • La Vegan Taqueria: This is a super small restaurant with only 3 tables and a true hidden gem. It´s well worth the visit because the food is really good. The service is amazing and they have only a couple things on the menu like Guacamole and different kinds of Tacos. Their Tacos are all vegan and truly delicious. I would recommend stopping by and eating here even if it´s just for a mid-day snack because not just their food is really yummy but also their prices are affordable.
La Vegan Taqueria Tulum
  • Aguacate limon: This restaurant might be one of my new favorites and it was right next to our hostel where we stayed at, so we ate here a lot. They also have vegan tacos and really unique flavors like breaded avocado tacos. Their food is so good and if you´re in the mood for vegan tacos definitely check them out. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water.
  • El Bajón Vegan Tacos: This easily became my boyfriends new favorite restaurant because of the great sandwiches they offer. It´s a small restaurant with only a handful of tables and we came here twice because the food and service is just that good. Their tacos cost about 25$ pesos each and their food is also all vegan like the name implies. They have different juice-of-the-day and you can pay once and can refill it a couple of times. When we came here they had a cucumber and celery juice and I also tried their Green Mangrove juice from the card and it was really good also. You will not regret going here because it is one of the best restaurants in Tulum.
El Bajón Vegan Tacos Tulum
  • Raw Love: This is a really popular restaurant and they have two different locations. One is at the Ahau Hotel on the beach and the other one is in Tulum centro. We went to the one in the center because it was just closer to our Hostel and now I know what the hype is all about. The food was absolutely delicious. We had their Zucchini Alfredo and a chocolate bowl with banana. I´m still dreaming about this bowl because it was so yummy. Their cleanser juices are also really good. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in Tulum.
Raw Love Tulum
  • Matcha Mama: They have two locations, one in the centro and one at the beach. We went to the one at the beach, which is a popular insta-worthy spot. Besides their cute swings and signs they offer really yummy bowls and smoothies. They have great Matcha and I would recommend going here if you´re in the mood for a healthy treat.
Matcha Mama Tulum
Matcha Mama Tulum

Street food

No trip to Mexico is complete without at least one meal at a street food vendor. Apparently, over 50 percent of the Mexican population eat street food at least once a week. If you want to get the real taste of Mexico, street food is a must-try.

  • There are multiple street food vendors in Calle Gemini S. Most of them offer classic tacos and quesadillas, but there is also one that has vegan burger and tacos. You can also find sushi here and dessert like churros.
street food vendor Tulum
street food vendor Tulum
  • Burrito Street: This is a street food stand. They have a tiny little kitchen where they prepare the food and only one table on the street where you can eat. This is run by a super sweet family and it´s truly a hidden gem. You can easily find it in Google maps and if there is no space at the table just get your order to-go. They have amazing burritos and we had their vegetarian option which was packed with vegetables. You can look into the kitchen and there was a ton of fresh produce and vegetables and you can really taste the fresh ingredients. I highly recommend going here.
  • In Avenida Satélite S there are also a lot of street food vendors and you can definitely find something here for all kinds of cravings. In this street you will find more street food vendors than in the one mentioned before so if you´re not sure what to eat then go here and get inspired.

These are the best restaurants and cafes in Tulum for every taste and budget. No matter if you´re looking for a healthy treat, a typical Mexican restaurant, or just a good coffee, Tulum truly has it all.


Have you tried any of them? What is your favorite restaurant or cafe in Tulum?

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