The best bars in Tulum

Tulum is a picturesque town located on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It’s renowned for its stunning beaches, turquoise waters, and well-preserved ancient Mayan ruins making it the perfect vacation destination. Keep on reading to find out what the 5 best bars in Tulum are.

Tulum is separated in two parts. The town center or Centro and the beach. Tulum Centro has a lot more budget options and is overall cheaper than staying at one of the hotels at the beach. If you’re staying in the center or plan on having a fun night out with friends make sure you’ll try one of the best bars in Tulum to have an unforgettable night out.

1. Batey´s, one of the best bars in Tulum

Number One on the list is Batey´s and they’re known for their amazing live music and Mojitos. It´s the perfect place for a fun night out with friends. Their vibe is casual and the prices are decent, that’s why there is always something going on every single night. You can find a lot of expats here but also a lot of tourists. Overall it´s a very fun place to go and one of the best bars in Tulum.

2. Tu

Tu is kind of a hidden gem in the town center and I feel like not too many tourists know about it just yet. Their interior is very dark and boho chic and their vibe is mystical and luxurious, giving you the typical Tulum experience. They’re more on the expensive side but they offer amazing cocktails and food so that and the whole ambiance make it absolutely worth it in my opinion.

3. La Guarida, the best bar in Tulum

La Guarida has to be my favorite place in Tulum town. It’s a bar and restaurant with different rooms and a rooftop terrace. Their interior is amazing and one of a kind which is why I love them so much. Each room looks different, some of them have pillows on the floor to hangout at, in others you can play games like Chenga. One room always has amazing live music and the rooftop terrace is very beautiful cause you get to see the starry sky at night.

Their prices are decent and there’s always something going on every night. This makes the perfect spot to spend a night out with friends. La Guarida is very popular among expats and locals so sometimes it can be hard to find seating. Just keep that in mind when you go on the weekends.

4. La Pizzine

La Pizzine is also on the list of my favorite restaurants in Tulum cause they offer amazing food. But not just the food makes it worth going there, they’re also an amazing place to grab a few drinks with friends. Their interior is also one of a kind and their great cocktails and overall ambiance make them a favorite among locals and expats. They have 2 locations, one in Tulum Centro and one in La Veleta.

5. La Bandera

La Bandera is a favorite among locals and they offer decent priced cocktails and amazing live music. That makes them a perfect spot to spend a night out with friends. They’re located a little bit out of town across the street from the gas station but its a quick 10 min walk if you’re already at the other places in town.

There you have the 5 best bars for a night out in Tulum Centro. Make sure you also check out the Ultimate travel Guide to Tulum.

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