The 7 Best Cafés in Mérida for Digital Nomads

As a Blogger and Etsy Shop owner I am always looking for a great Café to work from that has strong Wifi and amazing coffee. I´m currently traveling throughout Mexico and my travels brought me to Mérida, the capital of Yucatan. I loved Mérida and found that there are a lot of great things to do there but I was even more impressed with it´s amazing coffee scene. Here is a list of all the Cafés I loved and why, here are the 7 best Cafés in Mérida for Digital Nomads.

1. Latte quattro sette

Latte quattro sette coffee bar
Latte quattro sette, a great café for digital nomads

Latte quattro sette interior
Latte Quattro sette illy Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato
Latte Quattro sette is a great café for Digital Nomads

Number one on the list probably comes as no surprise since you can read about this café in various blogs and magazines including Vogue Mexico. It is an Instagrammers dream café with nice Interior like marble tables, colorful cups and plates and pastell colored pillows. Here you can find a lot of people working on their laptops and taking pictures of this cute little Café. There´s not a ton of seating options but it wasn´t that busy when I went there even though it is really popular.

I ordered a Latte Macchiato and my boyfriend had a Cappuccino and we were both really surprised with how good the coffee was. Turns out they serve Illy coffee and we are both really big fans of Illy, I mean who doesn´t love italian coffee? So this little gem of a Café has it all, great looks, Wifi and amazing coffee. This is one of the best Cafés in Mérida for Digital Nomads.


 Calle 47 #465, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc.

Monday – Friday 8AM – 3PM, Saturday 8AM – 1PM, Sundays closed

2. Punto Mid

Buy books at Punto Mid
Punto Mid menu
Punto mid self help book section, Tony Robbins book

This Café is truly a gem and right next to Latte quattro sette. It is basically a library and bookstore where you can buy books, drink great coffee, read and work on your laptop. I had their Chai latte and it was really good, also their prices are unbeatable. The only downside was that they didn´t have an alternative milk like soy or oat milk. I´m not sure if they don´t offer it at all or if they just ran out that day.

Nevertheless this Café is definitely worth checking out if not for their coffee but for their great Wifi and amazing bookstore. Most of the books are in Spanish but they have an English section where you can find a lot of great books. I love Self-help books and they have a ton of the classics like “How to win friends and influence people”, “Atomic habits”, “Secrets of the millionaire mind” and Tony Robins´books.


Calle 47 479, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc.

Monday – Friday 8AM – 8PM, Saturday 9AM – 8PM, Sunday closed

3. Volta Café

Volta café
Volta café interior

Apparently there are 2 different Volta Cafés and I went to the one called Volta Café Santa Lucia which is in Plaza Carmesi. I had an amazing Chai latte here and they offer indoor and outdoor seating. It is a little bit dark in the Café which I personally liked a lot because it felt more like an Italian restaurant than an actual Café and the ambiance was great to get some work done. They have strong Wifi and you can easily work a couple of hours away here. If you need a break from all the work check out their on site shop. They also offer free water which I loved but just in general be careful when drinking Mexican water and always ask if it is bottled water. If it´s tap water better skip it, you don´t want to get sick trust me. (been there, done that)


x 62, C. 53 450, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc.

Monday – Sunday 8AM – 10:30 PM

4. Manifesto

Manifesto café
Manifesto café coffee and carrot cake
Manifesto café interior

Manifesto has 2 locations in Mérida and I went to the one in the centro. This café is a bomb working space. It´s spacious and offers lots of seating space with big tables. You could even have a meeting here with 6-8 people. They have amazing Chai lattes and their Carrot cake is huge and still warm when they serve it. While that alone is a reason to go here, they also have strong Wifi so you can easily work there for hours. You can probably tell I love this Café and it is one of my favorite Cafes in Mérida to work from.


Calle 59 #538 por 66 y 68, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc.

Monday – Saturday 8AM – 9PM, Sundays closed

5. Estacion 72

Estacion 72
Estacion 72 sandwich and matcha
Estacion 72 matcha
Estacion 72 matcha and juice

Café Estacion 72 is further from the centro than all the other Cafés I´ve mentioned so far but it´s worth venturing out to. It is in a Hotel district with lots of big name Hotels and a Convention center. It´s a really modern and chique Café with good coffee and really delicious Paninis. Not that this is important to get work done but I loved their music there, it was instrumental music. I just loved the whole vibe so it´s a great Café in Mérida for Digital Nomads.


Av. Colón 363J, García Ginerés, 97070 Mérida, Yuc.

Tuesday – Saturday 8AM – 8PM, Monday & Sunday 8AM – 2:30PM

6. Café Boxha

Café Boxha matcha frappé
Café Boxha

We stumbled upon this little Café when we had to wait for a bus to go to Izamal. This Café was the closest to our Bus station that´s why we went there and I´m so glad we did. This Café is run by a super friendly Canadian guy that has been living in Mexico for 10 years. I had a great Matcha frappé which was kinda like a dessert and my boyfriend had a really good Cappuccino. I didn´t take a lot of pictures but there´s a cute little courtyard with seating and a small pool and the Wifi is decent enough to get some work done.


La Mejorada Open Studio Calle 50 #499E, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc.

Thursday – Sunday 10AM – 6PM, Monday – Wednesday closed

7. Marago Café

Marago café interior
Marago café interior
Marago café matcha latte

We went to Marago with really high hopes since I´ve read about this Café before. Everyone seems to love it. They have great Mochas and Matchas but for us it was impossible to work inside since they had their AC on full blast and 60 degrees (17 Celsius) which was just too cold for us. We decided to sit outside and work from there but the mosquitos didn´t let us enjoy it. Even though my experience there wasn´t the best I felt like I should mention them in here because the interior is really beautiful, they have great Wifi, outlets and good coffee. If you decide to go here just make sure you bring a Sweater.


 Paseo de Montejo #481 Int 101 entre 39 y 41, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc.

Monday – Sunday 8AM – 9PM

These are the best Cafés in Mérida for Digital Nomads. Let me know if you´ve been to one of the mentioned Cafés or if you have more recommendations. .

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