The 6 best Clubs in Playa del Carmen (2023)

Playa del Carmen is a beautiful coastal city in Mexicos Yucatan peninsula and is conveniently located between the bigger city of Cancun and the smaller beach town Tulum, making it the perfect spot no matter if you want to spend a family vacation or a party vacation with friends. If you’re in Playa del Carmen for the latter then it is good to know where you can find the best clubs in Playa del Carmen.

With amazing Mexican food and lots of locals and expats that live here, Playa del Carmen has something to offer for everyone. If you’re planning on going here you definitely have to check out one of the bars or clubs along their famous Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) to have some fun and dance to Latin music.

Here is a list of 6 of the best clubs in Playa del Carmen:

1. Santino

santino playa del carmen

Number One on the list is Santino, a favorite among locals and expats alike. They have three levels to party. On the first level, which is the actual club they usually play Reggaeton and it is fully indoors. The second level which is connected to the third level, they usually play techno music and it’s outdoors. It’s a lot of fun to go here and it´s usually always busy. Santino is one of these places that if you’re in Playa del Carmen and you haven’t gone here, have you even been to Playa del Carmen? Check out there Instagram here.

2. Clandestino

Number 2 on the list is Clandestino. Clandestino has two levels to party and hangout at. One is the actual dance floor and the top floor is amazing to just sit down, enjoy a cold drink and be with friends. This club is a favorite among expats and tourists and you can’t go wrong coming here cause they play good music with a mix of everything and offer great drinks in a fun location.

3. Mamba

Mamba is a lot of fun! They’re not the typical club, where you dance in a room full of people. It’s actually a bar with a huge open front where you can have drinks and also smoke hookah if you’re into that. There is usually no cover and the drinks and food is great. They have really yummy tacos in case you get hungry while drinking. Because it´s actually more of a bar than a club, I really like it cause it doesn´t get as crowded than other places on Quinta Avenida.

4. Che Hostel

che hostel playa del carmen

Che is a hostel that has a bar on the rooftop. It is a typical party hostel so there is usually something going on every single night. The drinks are cheap and the music is great. They also have a wheel you can spin where you have to do dares like jumping in the pool naked. It’s a lot of fun and a great place to pre-game before going out since they close earlier than the other clubs on fifth avenue.

5. Prana

Prana is a hookah bar across the street from Mamba. They are the ones serving the hookahs for Mamba. You can also go directly to Prana and sit there if you don’t feel like dancing. They have good hookahs and they usually play hip hop music, making it a fun spot to hangout at. Just a warning before hand, their music is really loud so make sure you don’t sit close to a speaker. With great drinks and hip hop music, which is often times hard to find in Playa del Carmen Prana is a great spot to have some fun.

6. The Roof/ Speakeasy

Oh The Roof has to be my favorite bar/ club in Playa del Carmen. Not necessarily because it’s the best out there but rather for the many fun nights I had here. During my time when I lived in Playa del Carmen, I came here a lot. This bar/ club is a favorite among locals and for a good reason. When you walk up the stairs it looks like a small little crowded bar but don’t let the first impression fool you.

Usually at around midnight they open the door in the back letting people in their club which is called “Speakeasy”. They have techno nights and Reggaeton nights. Make sure you check out what they’re playing before you go. Drinks are not too expensive, the music is great and its always a good time going there. If you only spend a couple of nights in Playa del Carmen make sure you check out Santino and The Roof/Speakeasy.

There you have the top 6 bars and clubs in Playa del Carmen for a fun night out with friends. Make sure you also check out the full Guide to Playa del Carmen.

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