The best things to do at Holistika Tulum (2023)

Located in the middle of the jungle just outside of Tulum is Holistika, a hotel, restaurant and community center. Holistika is one of my all time favorite places in Tulum for multiple reasons. There is so much you can do there no matter if you want to get the true Tulum experience or enjoy a relaxing day with your loved ones. Keep on reading to find out the best things to do at Holistika Tulum.

Stay at their Hotel

Holistika has a boutique hotel on the premises and offers different rooms for different budgets. They have a hostel which sleeps around 12 people in a room. They have rooms for 4 people and they also offer private rooms. Some rooms have balconies and their amenities include 2 beautiful pools to swim in and hammocks to relax in. Get the full Tulum jungle experience and book a stay with them.

Eat at their restaurant

Holistika has a restaurant on site offering everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner. The name of the restaurant is Tierra by Holistika and their menu includes everything from salads and pizza to tacos and most of their dishes are vegan or vegetarian.

Book a Yoga Class

One of the best things to do at Holistika is book a Yoga class here. They have multiple different yoga classes for all levels. From beginner to intermediate and advanced. Their instructors are amazing and their yoga classes are a lot of fun. It’s one of the best things to do at Holistika.

Book a temazcal or other ceremony

Holistika doesn´t just offer yoga classes, there are multiple different ceremonies and classes you can book. I did a temazcal ceremony there and it was absolutely amazing. It’s such a cool experience and I would highly recommend doing it. They also offer cacao ceremonies, sound healing and more. Check out their website for a list of all the activities you can book.

Try a smoothie at their Smoothie bar

Next to their restaurant is a little smoothie bar that offers amazing vegan smoothies. The chocolate banana one is my all time favorite. It’s usually busy at the smoothie bar and there is people coming to work on their laptops or just to hangout and catch up. It’s a great place to hangout for a bit, read a book, work on your laptop or just enjoy a smoothie after a yoga class.

Walk the art walk at Holistika Tulum

Holistika has an art walk that is pretty cool. Located in the back of Holistika you can enter it for free. Local artists display their work there and there are some great artworks and sculptures to discover.

There is one called the Mayan mask which is my favorite sculpture there but there is so much to explore and discover so if you haven’t been here I would recommend going there especially because its for free.

Shop for books and jewelery at the store

Yes, there is even a little store at Holistika and they offer a great variety of self development books, jewelery and clothing. I love coming here and strolling around looking for my next read. The ladies that work there are also super nice and overall its just a great vibe and a welcoming atmosphere to do a little bit of shopping.

Get Vegan Ice Cream & Cake

Next to their restaurant Tierra by Holistika, they have another small shop that offers vegan cake and ice cream. It´s small so I missed it the first couple of times I came here until someone showed it to me. If you go to Holistika, make sure to go in there and get a cake or ice cream. It’s so delicious! The blueberry cake with peanut butter is my favorite. They always have tasting samples of different dips so it’s worth coming here solely for that reason alone.

Take pictures at Holistika Tulum

Holistika is overall a really picturesque place so you can almost find a great picture spot behind every corner. There is the treehouse, cute signs with meaningful messages everywhere or the round shaped window at the pool. Take a walk and stroll around and I’m sure you’ll find more great places to discover and take pictures.

And that is it for the best things to do at Holistika Tulum. It’s one of my absolute favorite places in Tulum and I could truly just come here every single day to spend some quality time, relax and unwind.

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