The 24 Largest Cities in the World

The world is growing at an incredible speed. Populations are rising by the minute, and the size of the average city is following suit. Cities are much larger than they used to be, but now they’re growing faster than they ever have before.

The Biggest Cities on the Planet

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Each of these cities is trying to deal with a rapid increase in population to provide enough living and working space to all those who live there. Some cities are growing more than others. Here are 24 of the biggest cities on earth.

Tokyo, Japan

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The Japanese capital is officially the largest city in the world. Ranked by population, Tokyo is almost five million people ahead of its closest rival, Delhi. Not only is this city massive, but it’s growing bigger every second. It’s a fascinating place that mixes old world temples and super-modern architecture.

Delhi, India

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The capital city of India is New Delhi. It’s just one of 11 districts of Delhi. With a population of over 33 million people and a growth rate that is through the roof, Delhi earns its spot on this list. Look out, Tokyo, because Delhi is coming up fast behind you.

Shanghai, China

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Another of the largest cities in the world is in China. It’s the country’s largest city, Shanghai, which is positioned at the mouth of the Yangtze River, and has the world’s largest port. It’s also considered to be China’s economic gateway to the world.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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At the northwestern border of India, we find the country of Bangladesh, where our next largest city is found. The city of Dhaka is one of the biggest cities in South Asia and is home to almost 24 million people.

São Paulo, Brazil

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The largest city in Brazil is São Paulo. A city of nearly 23 million people, it’s surprisingly not their capital. It is, however, one of the fastest growing, and is home to some of the largest numbers of Japanese, Arab and Italian people in the world outside their own countries.

Cairo, Egypt 

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Home to the world-famous Pyramids of Giza, Cairo is the capital of Egypt. This sprawling city is also one of the world’s oldest. Add that to being one of the largest cities in Africa, and Cairo belongs on this list.

Mexico City, Mexico

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Next up on the list of the world’s biggest cities is Mexico City. It’s also the eighth-highest capital city in the world, and the most densely populated. Here you will find Mexico’s famous 13th Century Aztec temple, Templo Mayor.

Beijing, China

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The city of Beijing in China is home to a population of over 22 million. Situated in the northeast, it’s China’s capital city. Beijing is another of the world’s oldest cities, and has existed for over eight centuries.

Mumbai, India

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On the west coast of India, you’ll find its second-biggest city, Mumbai, which houses the Indian financial sector. Over 21 million people live in Mumbai, often referred to as the New York of India.

New York, USA

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There can only be one New York, and it’s the real deal. On America’s East Coast, this is a city like no other. It’s considered not only one of the world’s great financial hubs but also the best place in the US to find music and entertainment.

Osaka, Japan

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The second-largest city in Japan is Osaka. Located on the Japanese island of Honshu, it’s the country’s commercial capital and a large port city. It’s also home to a Universal Studios amusement park, one of the world’s top attractions. Osaka was once the capital of Japan.

Chongqing, China

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In southeast China where the Yangtze River and the Jailing River meet, you will find the city of Chongqing. This is one of China’s largest municipalities. It’s called “the city of heroes” because of its people’s contribution to the Second World War.

Karachi, Pakistan

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Site of the Quaid-i-Azam Mausoleum, Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city. It’s also the capital and home to some 17 million people, as well as both of the largest sea ports in the country. It rests on the shores of the Arabian Sea, and also houses Pakistan’s busiest airport.

Kinshasa, Republic of Congo

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When you think of the world’s biggest cities, Congo does not jump to mind. In fact, Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s also one of the biggest cities in Africa. A hot tropical city situated under the equator on Africa’s east coast, it’s home to 17 million people.

Lagos, Nigeria

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Africa’s second-largest city by population is Lagos in the country of Nigeria. It’s a massive economic hub and home to education and finance sectors that are among the best on the continent. Some 16.5 million African people call this city home. Lagos is also known for its beach resorts, and for being a thriving entertainment center.

Istanbul, Turkey

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The largest city in Turkey is Istanbul. With a rich history going back over 2,500 years, this is a metropolis with a deep past. First called Byzantium, before the Romans renamed it Constantinople, Istanbul has had many incarnations. It’s currently where 16 million of the country’s population live and work.

Bigger by the Day

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All of these cities, no matter how different, have one thing in common: they are all growing larger every day. More and more people are choosing to move to these cities to work or make their dreams come true. As they do, even these giant cities will keep on growing.

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