25 Essential Items You Wouldn’t Think to Bring on a Cruise

When you think of packing for a cruise, the usual suspects like swimwear, sunblock, and evening attire may come to mind. But several lesser-known items could make your time sailing run much smoother. From items that maximize your cabin’s space to those that soothe seasickness, these top picks will make every moment you spend onboard as comfortable as possible.

Hooks for a Clutter-Free Cabin

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Imagine vacationing inside a neat and uncluttered cruise cabin where everything has its place. Magnetic hooks can make that happen, helping you make the most of the notoriously tiny space inside ship cabins. They stick to the metal walls and are perfect for hanging clothes, beach bags, or your daily planner.

Power Up with a Portable Power Strip

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You’ll probably have multiple devices that need charging, and cabin outlets are often scarce. A portable power strip solves the issue and lets you charge everything at once. Just keep in mind that surge protection must be cruise-approved to be onboard safe.

Duct Tape: The Ultimate Fixer

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A little duct tape can fix pretty much everything. From repairing a torn bag to securing a loose swimsuit strap, you’ll start wondering how you ever managed vacations without it. Roll a small amount around a pen or pencil to save space in your luggage. https://www.smartertravel.com/travel-duct-tape-uses/

Highlighters Help You Stay on Schedule

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Keep a pack of highlighters handy to mark up the cruise activity schedule. This simple trick helps you keep track of your must-do events and ensures you won’t miss out on the fun.

Clip-on Reading Lights for Night Owls

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A clip-on reading light is a godsend for late-night readers. It attaches easily to books or e-readers, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favorite novels without disturbing your roommate.

Seasickness Solutions

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The ocean can be unpredictable, and motion sickness might catch you off guard, especially during the first few hours after the ship sails. Pack some ginger candies, seasickness wristbands, or medication to ensure you keep enjoying your vacation no matter the sea conditions.

Deck Out Your Door

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The staterooms on most cruise ships aren’t known for their uniqueness, making it far too easy to get lost after one too many drinks during karaoke night. Decorating your door can be a fun way to make your cabin stand out in the endless corridor of metallic look-a-likes. Use magnets or removable hooks to hang knick-knacks that reflect your personality. Just make sure your chosen items don’t go against the cruise liner’s policies.

Binoculars for Scenic Views

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You want to make the most of your time on the ship. With a pair of binoculars, you can enjoy breathtaking coastline views, passing ships, or marine life from your balcony. They’re easy to pack and can greatly enhance your sightseeing experiences.

Hydrate with a Reusable Water Bottle

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A reusable water bottle is not just an eco-friendly choice but a necessity for staying hydrated when cruising warm climates. Fill it up at the ship’s water stations whenever you need.

Wrinkle Releaser for Sharp Looks

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Cruise ships often restrict iron use, so a wrinkle-releaser spray can be a lifesaver for your formal and casual wear. It’s easy to use and ensures you look your best.

Dry Bag for Wet Adventures

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Whether you’re heading to a beach or planning a boat tour, a dry bag will keep your electronics and important documents safe from water damage. It’s a must-have for any water-related activities.

Organize with Over-the-Door Organizers

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Saying that space is limited in cruise cabins would be an understatement. An over-the-door organizer can store your toiletries, accessories, and smaller items, keeping them accessible and organized.

Light the Way with a Night Light

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A small night light is helpful if you need to navigate the cabin in the dark. It provides enough light to see without waking up everyone else.

Stay Clean with Hand Sanitizer

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A travel-sized hand sanitizer helps you keep the germs at bay after touching shared surfaces on the ship. It’s a simple precaution to keep you fit and healthy while enjoying your vacation.

Snack Packs for Late-Night Cravings

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You should prepare for when the cafeteria is closed and you need a quick late-night bite. Having some non-perishable snacks like nuts or energy bars can curb your hunger until the next meal.

USB Charging Hub for Multiple Devices

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A USB charging hub simplifies the process of charging multiple devices simultaneously. It’s especially useful if your cabin has limited outlets.

Keep Clothes Fresh with Travel Laundry Soap

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For longer cruises, a bit of laundry soap enables you to wash essentials in your cabin’s sink. It’s a great way to pack lighter while always having fresh clothes available.

Don’t Forget Your Scarf

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A large scarf can be incredibly versatile and not just a cold-weather item. It can keep you warm on chilly deck nights or add a touch of elegance to your dinner outfit.

Sip in Style with an Insulated Travel Mug

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An insulated travel mug will keep your beverages at the perfect temperature as you enjoy the ship’s amenities. Whether you’re having your morning coffee or a cocktail in the evening, your drink will stay just right.

Plan Perfectly with a Cruise Itinerary Planner

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Nothing is boring about staying organized. It can enhance your cruise experience and reduce any travel-related stresses. A dedicated planner for your itinerary helps you keep track of activities, dining times, and excursions, ensuring you make the most of your trip.

Keep Valuables Safe with a Portable Safe

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Theft on cruise ships is rare but not unheard of. A portable safe can be a great way to keep your valuables secure. This small, lockable container can be tethered to fixed objects in your cabin, giving you peace of mind while enjoying the ship’s amenities.

Smooth Sailing with a Travel-Sized Steam Iron

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A compact steam iron can be a lifesaver for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free. It’s small enough to fit in your luggage and powerful enough to tackle those stubborn wrinkles that come with packing.

Capture Underwater Moments with a Waterproof Phone Case

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While smartphones can just about survive your swimming lesson, prevention is easier. Protect your phone during beach excursions or poolside lounging. A waterproof case allows you to capture underwater memories without risking your device.

Manage Laundry with a Collapsible Laundry Bag

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A collapsible laundry bag helps keep dirty clothes separate from your clean ones. This simple item can make packing and unpacking much more manageable.

Set the Mood with a Bluetooth Speaker

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Bring a small, portable Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your favorite tunes in your cabin or balcony. It adds a personal touch to your space and can help set the mood for relaxation or fun.

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