21 Things Americans Insist Must Become Illegal

From coast to coast, certain things cause us to shake our fists and demand action. Here are 18 things that many Americans believe should be made illegal.

Robocalls That Never Cease

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Robocalls have become an incessant nuisance for Americans across the country. You’re in the middle of dinner, finally enjoying some peace, and then the phone rings. It’s not your long-lost friend, but a robocall offering you an exclusive deal on car insurance. Americans are fed up with these interruptions and demand stricter laws to stop them.

Excessive Plastic Packaging

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The issue of excessive plastic packaging has captured the attention of environmentally conscious Americans who are increasingly aware of the impact of plastic waste on ecosystems and human health. Opening a tiny USB cable packaged in layers of plastic is a frustrating exercise and a waste of time. Americans want regulations to curb excessive plastic packaging that’s harmful to the planet.

Data Breaches and Privacy Violations

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Data breaches have become a pervasive concern in the digital age, where vast amounts of personal information are stored and exchanged online. Every few months, we hear of another massive data breach exposing sensitive information. Americans are tired of their data being mishandled and want stricter penalties for companies that fail to protect their privacy.

Price Gouging in Pharmaceuticals

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For many Americans, access to essential medications isn’t just a matter of health, it’s a matter of financial survival. The cost of life-saving medications skyrocketing overnight is a bitter pill to swallow. Many Americans insist on laws to prevent price rises in pharmaceuticals, guaranteeing access to affordable healthcare.

Endless Ads on Streaming Platforms

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Whether you’re catching up on a thrilling series or enjoying a movie night, the interruption of ads disrupts the immersive experience. You’re binge-watching your favorite show, and just as the suspense builds, an ad interrupts the climax. Americans crave uninterrupted streaming and are pushing for regulations to limit the number of ads on platforms like Hulu and YouTube.

Unsolicited Junk Mail

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Your mailbox is loaded with credit card offers, catalogs, and promotions you never asked for. Americans want a reduction in unsolicited junk mail cluttering up their lives and harming the environment.

Telemarketers Calling During Dinner

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The intrusion of telemarketing calls during personal and family time has become significantly frustrating. Just as you sit down to enjoy a home-cooked meal, the phone rings. It’s not family or friends, but a telemarketer pushing a time-share in the Bahamas. Americans want laws to restrict telemarketers from calling during family time.

High Interest Rates on Credit Cards

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For millions of Americans, credit cards are helpful tools for managing spending, but also potential traps of high interest rates that can lead to long-term financial struggles. Paying off credit card debt can feel like climbing Mount Everest with a backpack full of bricks. Many Americans believe that capping interest rates would ease financial burdens and prevent predatory lending practices.

Single-Use Plastics

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The pervasive use of single-use plastics has become a global environmental crisis. From straws to grocery bags, single-use plastics are causing devastation to our oceans and wildlife. Americans are advocating for bans on single-use plastics to reduce environmental pollution and protect marine ecosystems.

Political Robocalls and Texts

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During election season, your phone blows up with political messages from candidates and their supporters. Americans want to put an end to intrusive political robocalls and texts that flood their personal space.

Phony Online Reviews

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You’re searching for a new restaurant and stumble upon glowing reviews that seem too good to be true. That’s because they are. Americans are calling for regulations to crack down on fake online reviews that deceive customers.

Ticket Scalping for Concerts and Events

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When tickets for your favorite band sell out in seconds, only to appear on resale sites at triple the price, it feels like highway robbery. Many Americans insist on laws to curb ticket scalping and ensure fair access to events.

Unsustainable Factory Farming Practices

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Concerns about animal welfare and environmental impact are fueling demands for stricter regulations on factory farming. Americans want laws that promote sustainable agriculture and the humane treatment of animals.

Steep ATM Fees

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You just need $20, but the ATM fee is $5. It’s a small fortune for convenience. Americans are frustrated with excessive ATM fees and want regulations to cap these charges, especially in low-income neighborhoods.

Surprise Medical Bills

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After a hospital visit, you receive a bill that’s more shocking than the illness itself. Americans demand an end to surprise medical bills, pushing for transparency in healthcare costs and protections against unexpected charges.

Misleading Food Labels

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Natural, organic, and low-fat. These labels can be misleading, leaving customers confused about what’s really in their food. Americans want clearer standards and stricter enforcement of food labeling regulations.

Invasive Airport Security Measures

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Removing shoes, and belts, and enduring full-body scans, airport security can feel like a violation of personal space. Americans seek a balance between safety and privacy, advocating for less invasive screening procedures.

Distracted Walking

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Ever bumped into someone glued to their phone while walking down the street? Americans are concerned about distracted walking accidents and support laws to discourage phone use while crossing streets and sidewalks.

Lobbying by Corporations

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Many Americans are concerned about corporate lobbying’s influence on legislation, believing that big companies hold excessive power when passing laws. There is a demand for increased openness and stronger limits on corporate lobbying activities.

Overbooked Flights

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You’ve booked a flight months in advance, only to be bumped at the last minute due to overbooking. Americans want stricter regulations to prevent airlines from routinely overbooking flights and inconveniencing passengers.

Unsustainable Water Bottles

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Buying a bottle of water seems harmless, but the environmental impact of plastic bottles is staggering. Americans are pushing for regulations to reduce the use of single-serving water bottles and promote alternatives like reusable containers.

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