19 Items You Can Take Home from Your Hotel Stay and Those You Can’t

Every time you travel, various items in your hotel room are available for your use. Cruises and airplanes will also provide certain amenities. Things to make your trip that little bit easier. But which of these should you leave behind when you depart? And what items can you take with you without paying for them? 

To Take or Not to Take

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We all read stories in the press of people taking suitcases full of hotel or airline property. And while some of the items provided are not to be taken away with you, it can be a little confusing at times as to what is free, and what is not. Let’s look at some of the things that you can walk away with, and other items that you will be charged for, or even fined for taking.

Airline Freebies 

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Anytime you travel on an airplane, especially on long-haul flights, you will be given various things to ease your travel. Here are some of those things that they might expect you to leave with when departing the plane.

Snacks are for You

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On any flight, you can expect that the airline will provide you with some type of snack. These are among the things that you are expected to take with you. So if you do not finish them on the flight, it is fine to pack them away and leave with them.

Foodstuffs are All Yours

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On those longer flights, as well as snacks you will be given a meal to eat on board. But if you are not particularly hungry, and have a way of transporting your meal, then it is okay to take your food with you when you go. After all, it’s yours for the taking.

Plastic or Wooden Cutlery 

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At meal times on most flights, you will be given a set of disposable cutlery. Because they are normally thrown away after use, these are also fair game. The airline won’t mind one bit should you take them with you when you leave.

Eye Mask and Earplugs

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Another great offering from airlines is the complementary set of earplugs and an eye mask. Meant to help you drown out the noise and block out the light while you sleep, these too can be pocketed with no worries about being charged or fined for taking them.

What to Leave on Board

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There are also some other items that the airline would prefer you don’t take with you when departing. Taking these will result in either a fine or a charge if you are caught trying to leave with them:

Leave Headphones Behind 

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It may be a luxury to be able to watch a movie or listen to music on a flight, the headphones that you are given to do so are not freebies. The airline will provide you with a set of headphones, but they very much expect that you will leave them behind when your flight ends.

Metal Knives and Forks

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If you are given disposable cutlery, then that’s one thing. But if the cutlery set that comes with your meal is metal, then you are very much expected to hand them back to the cabin crew after eating. That or leave them behind when you land.

Blanket for Comfort 

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Another item that is handed out at the start of a flight is a blanket. You might find it waiting for you on your seat when you sit down. Because airlines often wash and reuse these blankets, it is highly recommended that these are left on your seat when you get up to leave. It may cost you more than the blanket is worth if you don’t.

Comfy Cushions 

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Placed on your seat to make the trip that bit more comfortable, cushions are often provided by the airline. It might be enticing to add these pillows to your home collection, but they are not free. Taking your cushion from a flight may result in a fine if you are caught.

Hotel Freebies

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Hotels are another place where you are given all manner of luxuries to make your stay better. But some of these can be taken and some cannot. Here are some of the ones that they expect you to leave with.

Shaving Kit

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In the bathroom of your hotel room, you will find a small set for shaving. This will usually consist of a disposable razor and some shaving cream. It is completely fine to take this kit with you when checking out. This is because it is disposable and would be thrown away after you use it anyway.

Vanity Set

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Some hotels will also offer up a small vanity set. A nail file, cotton pads, ear swabs, and adhesive bandages are among the things that can come in this set. All of these are expected to be taken and can be used or kept for use later on.

Dental kit

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Another wonderful free-to-take item that a hotel will provide is the dental kit. Toothpaste and a toothbrush can be found in your hotel bathroom. Even if you bring your own, the hotel will not mind you taking these with you when you go.

What to Leave in Your Room

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Certain items come with your hotel room that should be left behind. Remember that the hotel has your credit card details, they can and will charge you for taking some things that are not classed as free.

Here are some items not to take with you.

The Kettle is not Yours

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While the tea, sugar, and coffee provided are all up for grabs, the kettle itself should never be taken with you. This goes for all electric appliances provided in your hotel room. It seems straightforward enough, but some people relish the chance to pack it and take it with them.

Towels are to be Left Behind 

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One of the most common items that is taken from hotels is the towels. It might seem like a nice way of remembering a great holiday, but the hotel will charge you if you leave with their towels. So do not be tempted to put them in your suitcase and leave with them.

Leave the Lamp

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Lamps are another item that believe it or not are regularly lifted from hotel rooms. As crazy as it sounds, there have been numerous stories of people taking lamps home with them. This is not a good idea and will end up with charges on your credit card.

Bath Robes 

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It can feel very luxurious to step out of the shower and wrap yourself up in a monogrammed robe. And the nicer the hotel, the nicer the robe. But do not be tempted to take it home with you as the hotel will know that it’s missing and charge you for it.

Don’t Get Charged or Have to Pay a Fine

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If you want to end your holiday with zero worries about being charged or fined, follow these rules of thumb. After all, there is nothing worse than getting home with your stolen items only to find out that you have been charged for them. Plus the hotel will charge far more than it would cost you to buy the items yourself.

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